Who We Are Body
    Quiet Skies Coalition, Ltd. is a NY not-for-profit corporation. The Board of Directors,
    advised by the Steering Committee, prepares and executes noise abatement
    advocacy plans and strategic issues as needed.

    Board of Directors
    Kathleen Cunningham (Chair)
    Charles Ehren (Vice-Chair)
    T. James Matthews
    Pat Trunzo III

    Steering Committee
    Kathleen Cunningham (Chair)
    Charles Ehren (Vice-Chair)
    Vincent Covello
    Stephen Levine
    Susan McGraw Keber
    T. James Matthews
    Pat Trunzo III

    What We Do
    QSC leadership works collaboratively
    within the community through a variety of interfaces with:

    • elected officials on the federal, state and local levels
    • Town Board and Citizens Advisory Committees
    • civic and community groups
    • airport management
    • individuals in the noise affected community.

    Our outreach includes educating the public about what tools are available to
    combat airport noise, especially that of helicopters. We accomplish this by
    holding membership meetings and through maintenance of our website as an
    unimpeachable source of information on noise abatement issues.

    Accabonac Protection Committee
    Amagansett Springs Aquifer Protection
    Concerned Citizens of Montauk (CCOM)

    • Dark Sky Society
    • East Hampton Environmental Coalition (EHEC)*
    • Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt (FLPG)
    • Garden Club of East Hampton
    • Group for the East End (GEE)
    • New York League of Conservation Voters
    • Education Fund
    • Northwest Alliance
    • Noyac Citizens Advisory Committee CAC
    • SouthamptonTrails Preservation Society (STPS)
    • Surfrider Foundation
    • Third House Nature Center

    *EHEC is comprised of 11 independent environmental groups representing thousands of local
    citizens and a membership of 5,000! These organizations — some active for more than 40 years —
    have worked to preserve and improve the natural environment in East Hampton and have provided
    guidance for the development of the municipal government’s environmental policy.

QUIET SKIES COALITION, LTD.    PO Box 956     Wainscott, NY   11975       

Kathleen Cunningham, Chairperson
Photo: East Hampton Patch/Michael Heller
Photo: courtesy of EHEC