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    Concerned about airport safety due to deer strikes, in December 2011 the
    lame duck East Hampton Town Board approved a proposal to request
    $100,000 in FAA funding for design of a deer fence. Below is the report
    from the FAA database citing the number of animal/bird strikes which have
    occurred at East Hampton Airport over an eleven-year period, from
    January 1st 2001 to February  2nd 2012. Press "CLICK HERE" button below.

    The Quiet Skies Coalition supports safe operations at East Hampton airport.
    However, concerns raised by the aviation community regarding improved
    safety with repair/reconstruction of the deer fence seem overblown when
    matched with the data below. QSC holds that the Town’s grant application
    to the FAA is the vehicle chosen to lock our community into 10 – 20 more
    years of FAA control of our airport, leaving us with few real options for
    meaningful airport noise mitigation.  

    Further supporting this assertion is the $1.5 million dollar airport fund surplus,
    which the Town is required by law, to spend exclusively on the airport. If a
    deer fence repair is an urgent need, the monies exist within this designated
    surplus, to fund this improvement. Another contract with the FAA is unnecessary
    to repair the fence.

Concept Image of
a Deer Fence