In order for any noise mitigation program to be adopted, the review protocols
    under general environmental and aviation laws require data to demonstrate
    a noise problem. QSC recognizes this as a flawed concept, but it is the only
    tool available to us. Recorded noise complaints identify the area, altitude, time
    of day and type of aircraft creating the noise. These data also provide airport
    personnel with an opportunity to review the flight with the aircraft owner.
    Without a noise complaint, no such review is possible.

    "There seems to significant misinformation circulating about this issue, but to clear
    up this matter once and for all, each of your individually listed noise events that we
    receive are manually entered into the system as individual complaints. A number of
    residents are filing complaints in this manner and all are entered as individual
    complaints".  per Robert Grotel - PlaneNoise - August 1, 2012

    Filing a Noise Complaint

    The Town of East Hampton Airport has unveiled a new noise complaint management
    system which is powered by PlaneNoise.

    According to the EH Town website, there are three ways to file an aircraft noise

  • Leave a voicemail on the noise complaint hotline

    Note:  PlaneNoise is a service of Grotell Consulting, Inc., based in Port Jefferson,
    New York.   Robert Grotell, the firm’s founder and principal has, according to the
    PlaneNoise website (http://www.planenoise.com), had extensive experience in
    FAA AIP grant processing.

    Robert Grotell is referred to as Special Advisor to the Eastern Region Helicopter
    Council (http://www.erhc.org/aboutus.asp). The ERHC is a group that has claimed
    over 90% compliance with recommendations when a new route was placed on the
    helicopter route chart over the summer of 2008.   

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