Who owns and operates the airport?
    The Town of East Hampton is the owner or “proprietor” of the airport. The
    airport is classified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a general
    aviation airport. The Town employs an Airport Manager and an Airport Operations
    Supervisor to oversee airport operations.

    If the Town of East Hampton owns the airport, why is there
    no curfew?  Why is the airport open 24 hours a day?  
    When the Town accepted federal funds from the FAA for capital improvement
    and large maintenance projects, it agreed by contract to grant assurances and
    those FAA assurances eliminate the Town’s right to regulate flight activity on its
    property.  FAA grant assurances prohibit the Town from imposing curfews,
    determining reasonable hours of operation and concentration of flights, among
    other limitations on the Town’s proprietary rights.

    Will the Town of East Hampton ever be able to impose a curfew
    or restrict types of aircraft and hours of operation at
    East Hampton Airport?
    Yes. The Town’s own Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), a part of its
    Airport Master Plan, says, “As a consequence of an agreement between a
    local citizen’s group and the Federal Department of Transportation,
    Grant Assurances 22.a, 22.h, 29.a and 29.b shall expire on December 31, 2014.
    The remaining provisions will remain in force until 2021.  This will change
    should the Town receive a grant offer and accept further grant money….”
    (Young Environmental Sciences, East Hampton Airport Final GEIS,
    August 2010, p. 12.

    The lifting of these specific grant assurances means that East Hampton
    can regain control over these aspects of operating its airport after 2014.

    (See section: East Hampton Town and the FAA.)

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