Why should I care about aircraft noise? I never hear it.  
    Aircraft noise affects thousands of residents in an area extending over 20 square
    miles. The noise nuisance is not limited only to those living near East Hampton
    Airport.  Aircraft noise has dramatically increased over formerly peaceful
    neighborhoods located far from the airport, such as North Sea, Noyac, and
    North Haven as well as Shelter Island and the North Fork.  Increased noise
    levels will shortly be heard in formerly unaffected areas, like Georgica, when
    the southern flight route goes into effect. It appears this could be as early as
    this summer.

    Why is it important to call the Noise Complaint Hotline?
    In order for any noise mitigation program to be adopted, the review protocols
    under general environmental and aviation laws require data to demonstrate a
    noise problem.  QSC recognizes this as a flawed concept, but it is the only
    tool available to us. Recorded noise complaints identify the area, altitude, time
    of day and type of aircraft creating the noise. These data also give airport
    personnel the opportunity to review the flight with the aircraft owner. Without
    a complaint, no such approach is possible.

    What happens to my complaints when I call the Noise Complaint
    The East Hampton Airport Noise Complaint “Hotline” consistently records
    thousands of noise complaints each year. The recorded complaints are
    supposed to be provided annually to the FAA.  

    What impact will the new seasonal control tower have on noise
    The mobile seasonal control tower is actually a trailer that can be moved to
    different locations. This is planned to become operational in 2012 and will
    operate from May to October from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Phone conversation with
    Airport Manager, Jim Brundige, 10 February 2012). However, re-routing traffic
    only moves noise impacts to different neighborhoods. The control tower cannot
    reduce noise caused by air traffic.

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“Calling noise a
nuisance is like calling
smog an inconvenience.

Noise must be considered
a hazard to the health
of people everywhere.”

Former U.S. Surgeon General
  William H. Stewart, 1978