It is the experience of the Quiet Skies Coalition that the persistent, increasing,
    uncontrolled air traffic, serving the wealthy few, has resulted in an aerial "blitz"
    which negatively effects the hearing, emotional well-being, outdoor recreation,
    natural habitats, wildlife, farms and fields, air quality, watershed lands, and
    property values of the many. It also increases carbon emissions and contributes
    to global warming. This activity creates a visual, aural, and environmental
    assault on a once beautiful and peaceful place.

    The Airport was designed to accommodate local pilots in their recreational
    use of small aircraft. It has now grown well beyond that original vision of a
    small rural facility. Our goal is to restore the airport it to its original purpose.

    To achieve our goals, we will engage the larger community in understanding
    the extent of the damage caused to humans, animals, habitat and the
    devaluation of real estate that this often unregulated and environmentally
    destructive activity causes.

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