The East End of Long Island is characterized by the maritime and agrarian cultures that
    make it one of the most desirable communities in our country. The oceans and bays,
    woodlands and farm fields and the peaceful enjoyment of our homes and properties are
    why people live here and why others are drawn to our area.  

    Our mission at Quiet Skies is to ensure that the noise and pollution generated by
    aircraft using the East Hampton Airport (HTO) does not destroy what makes the East
    End unique. Particularly, we want to avoid the loss of local control of our local airport.
    Local control will provide the Town of East Hampton with the power to impose curfews,
    limit numbers of flights and hours of operation, and prohibit use of our airport by the
    noisiest aircraft.  Air traffic impacts degrade the quality of life in the towns of East
    Hampton, Southampton, Southold and the entire East End of Long Island.

    Preserving our identity as a quiet, rural community and protecting our quality of life and
    natural environment are compatible with support for our small, rural airport to serve the
    needs of the local aviation community, emergency vehicles and visitors. We want to
    preserve East Hampton airport as a local asset and avoid ceding control to FAA
    officials who have no stake in our quality of life here on the East End.

    Quiet Skies Coalition Airport Noise Abatement Goals and Proposed Actions

    The Quiet Skies Coalition works to return East Hampton Airport to a general aviation
    facility which provides aviation services for local pilots and aircraft owners, access for
    emergency aircraft, and a limited facility for residents and visitors travel needs. Our
    overarching goal is to strike the proper balance between the needs of the aviation
    community and the protection of the health and quality of life of humans and wildlife
    under the noise and exhaust swaths of aircraft traffic. We recommend that the East
    Hampton Town Board take the following actions to achieve this end:

    1.  Repeal the December 6, 2011 deer fence application resolution and resolve to
    refuse any FAA offer of funding under the pending application.

    2.  Adopt a moratorium on new FAA funding until December 31, 2014, pending
    further financial and environmental studies.

    3.  Establish open lines of communication with surrounding municipalities
    whose constituents are impacted by East Hampton airport related noise.

    4.  Ensure that the seasonal control tower is an effective noise abatement tool,
    and establish clear lines of accountability to the Town Board and community. Formulate
    noise minimizing policies to direct the controllers at the seasonal control tower,
    consistent with safety considerations and federal rules.

    5.  Carry out a comprehensive financial analysis of airport operations, including
    costs, revenues, capital needs, and revenue bond potential; and planning for future
    cost-revenue structures designed to put the airport on a self-sustaining,
    business-like basis without need for subsidy from the FAA or local taxpayers.

    6.  Carry out an adequate environmental impact study in accordance with
    SEQR and the East Hampton Town Code requirements to:
    a.  Analyze single-event aircraft noise impact on the East End community
    i.  Noise monitoring technology,
    ii. Comprehensive recording of noise complaints and polling data
    iii. Evaluation of the noise-limiting effectiveness of control tower operations;
    b. Study the effects of aircraft exhaust on air and water pollution, nature preserves,
    and wildlife.

    7.  Upon the basis of that record established by the studies in Item 6, design an
    effective noise abatement and limitation program employing aircraft access
    restrictions that are reasonable, non-arbitrary, non-discriminatory and that may
    be put in place on January 1, 2015, including night-time and weekend curfews,
    exclusion of the noisiest aircraft and limitations on the number of airport operations
    per week.

    8.  Establish a transparent process of policy development with public
    accountability to the East End community.

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