Expanding our membership is the best way for us to have the greatest influence
    on decision makers who have our fates in their collective hands. It costs nothing
    to join QSC.  For our message to be heard, we need ever greater numbers of
    people who support our mission to return peace and quiet to the East End.
    Volunteers can help by getting friends and family members to join our
    organization and by finding new ways to help us meet our goals.

    Attend Public Hearings
    QSC seeks volunteers to assist in monitoring and attending Town Board or
    Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) meetings and to show support when and
    where it counts most—at public hearings. Your active participation in civic
    advocacy will make a big difference to our efforts to bring peace and quiet
    back to the skies over the East End.

    Become a QSC Coordinator
    We need volunteers to represent us and coordinate activities in communities
    in various towns, villages and hamlets across the East End. If you enjoy working
    with others and would like to volunteer to work with QSC in such a role, contact
    us for more information.

    Administrative Tasks
    All QSC members work from their homes. We have no office space. If you have
    access to transportation and can be at various locations in your town, you can
    help us with some administrative tasks. Contact us to arrange a convenient
    time to help.

    For all volunteer information, please contact us at quietskies@optimum.net

QUIET SKIES COALITION     PO Box 956     Wainscott, NY   11975       

Here's to all volunteers,
those dedicated people
who believe in
all work and no pay.

              ~ Robert Orben