We encourage QSC members to write to the press regarding aircraft noise
    pollution,  in order to keep the issue in the spotlight. This is particularly important
    from fall through spring when the issue tends not to be a priority for many people
    --until the noise barrage begins anew in springtime.

    Character Limits. Many publications have a maximum word or character limit
    for a Letter to the Editor, often the limit is around 450 words or 5,000 characters.

    Submission Deadlines. Deadlines for submission of letters vary and are indicated
    on each publication's website but, if submitted by noon Monday,  they usually will be
    accepted for publication that same week.

    Accepted Formats. All publications accept mailed or electronic submissions.
    You may submit your letter via email your email program by typing in the text of
    your letter. Alternatively, you may attach a WORD document. Do not attach a PDF
    which cannot be edited. Editors reserve the right to proofread and edit submissions
    for accuracy.

    Confirm Receipt. Letters may at times be misplaced or attachments may be
    unable to be opened by the editor, so it is best to call the publication and confirm
    receipt of your letter and check that your document can be opened without difficulty.  

    Restrictions. Some editors will publish letters from the same writer only
    every 60 or 90 days; they will not publish anonymous letters or articles.

    Copies for our archives. We ask that you provide QSC with an email copy
    of any published letter so that we can include a link to it on the QSC website.

    Below are links to local newspapers where you can submit a Letter to the Editor:

    The East Hampton Star        
    editor@easthamptonstar.com  & cc   derattray@easthamptonstar.com  
    Telephone: 324-0002 to confirm receipt.

    East Hampton Press                
    Telephone: 228-4943 to confirm receipt.         

    Sag Harbor Express  
    Telephone: 725-1700 to confirm receipt.

    The Southampton Press        
    Or Online at:   http://www.27east.com/contact/letter.cfm
    Telephone: 287-1500, Editorial Department, to confirm receipt.

    Telephone 631-324-2500, Rick, to confirm receipt.

    Dan’s Papers                        
    Telephone: 537-0500 to confirm receipt.

    The Shelter Island Reporter        
    Telephone: 749-1000, ext. 18 , Peter Boody, to confirm receipt.

    The Suffolk Times and The Riverhead News-Review
    Telephone:  354-8049, Peter Boody, to confirm receipt.

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